Another advantage of leveraging our infrastructure for your marketing campaigns is that it allows you to eliminate significant setup costs and also gives you the opportunity to tap into the comprehensive reporting capabilities of our environment, all at no additional cost to you. Our tools will provide you with all statistical data you need to measure the return on your campaign investment and modify parameters as required to maximize return.


Whether you are looking to simply get the calling going for an internally managed campaign, or looking for a comprehensive soup-to-nuts solution including creation and management of a campaign, we are the right partner for you. Our over 10 years of experience in telemarketing and our understanding of consumer buying behaviour will get you the best results, guaranteed.


If turnkey is what you need, we have the infrastructure ready to get you up and running in a jiffy. Rather than try and build a telemarketing support system, we get you to leverage our infrastructure, essentially providing you with a plug-and-play environment, getting you to results faster.

All call centres managed from Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company. Your organization only deals with local project managers from our team, significantly reducing implementation time, timezone and language barriers.

Inbound and outbound campaigns

No matter what your telemarketing needs are, we have the expertise, and service centers ready to fulfill your needs with minimal ramp up time while ensuring lowest possible cost.

Flexible hourly or performance-based payment options

On a budget, looking to get highly competitive rates, or pay on a performance basis? We have the right price and payment plan for you.

Offshore outsourced call center services

Highly trained, accent-neutral telemarketing professionals in 11 countries are ready to take on your project and make it a success.